Bananagrams Tournament!

Bananagrams Tournament!

What do the words Quixotry, Za, Syzygy, and Xi have in common? They will help you win at Bananagrams! This fast-paced word spelling game is a favorite here at Spielbound and we're sharing our love with a Bananagrams tournament on Sunday, January 17th from 1 to 4pm.

In the game, players race to be the first to complete a "tableau", a configuration of connected words looking much like a crossword puzzle. Players are encouraged to change letters around between words and create new configurations on the fly, while also incorporating more and more letters. Be the first to finish your tableau when the letter pile is empty and you'll be the Top Banana. However, if it discovered your tableau is incomplete or contains illegal words, you are a Rotten Banana and the win is nullified.

We have some intriguing prizes, including the newer games Zip-It® and Bananagrams WildTiles®. The tournament will have 5 rounds, with seating changing each round. During a round players will play games until one person at the table is the first to secure three wins. Most wins throughout the tournament and you'll become Top Banana and have you image immortalized in the Spielbound Hall of Fame. And, of course, have your pick of the prizes, too!

A membership or day pass costing only five dollars is required to participate in the tournament and our exemplary cafe staff will be on hand to provide refreshments, as usual. Don't know how to play Bananagrams? It's basically "Speed-Scrabble" and very easy to pick up. Stop by Spielbound on Thursday, Jan. 14th at 6:30 for a demo and to get some practice in before the big event. This tournament is intended for players of all skill levels and the primary goal is to have fun, so we hope to see you there!