Brief Overview

Spielmasons are a collective of board gaming enthusiasts that play and test games developed by Omaha-area designers. Spielmasons meetings and sessions are open to the public with the only requirement being an interest in testing unpublished games. Spielmasons’ strive to provide honest and meaningful feedback to designers in order to facilitate the shortest path to improvement. In addition to weekly meetings and sessions, Spielmasons host design challenges and design jams as well as being a resource to Spielbound in the areas of design and education.


  • Promote analog gaming in the Omaha area
  • Be a trusted resource for Omaha area designers
  • Be an avenue for unpublished games through provision of publishing insight
  • Create a network of game designers and artists
  • To give advice and ideas to make games even better
  • Development of a ‘Spielmasons Tested’ and ‘Spielmasons Approved’ criteria


Spielmasons hard at workThe Spielmasons hard at work during one of their weekly meetings.

Design Challenges

  1. THEME: = design a game with a cooking theme
  2. NAME: = design a game named ‘The Big Payback’ that fits in the box
  3. COMPONENTS: = design a game using only components from Power Barons
  4. THEME: Politics = design a game with a political theme/mechanic plus one other theme/mechanic of choice

Meeple Jams

  1. Summer 2015 @ Omaha Code School
  2. Christmas 2015 @ Spielbound
  3. Summer 2016 (June 25) at Do Space

A typical Meeple Jam session!A typical Meeple Jam session.


  1. Prototyping with Craig and Marcus February 2016 @ Spielbound
  2. Pretzcon 2016 = Sell Sheet, Rules?