Thank you so much for your interest in supporting Spielbound!

We have a few options available to you if you would like to donate directly to the organization:


Interested in donating games to our library? Bring them in and we'll put your name on the box so people know about your wonderful contribution!

Extra Please Donate These Games:

  1. Mastermind
  2. Monopoly
  3. Life
  4. Risk
  5. Stratego
  6. Chess/Checkers
  7. Blokus
  8. and other "classics" that rarely leave home closets

These are highly requested:

  1. Monikers
  2. Talisman
  3. Pretty Pretty Princess
  4. Adventure Time Munchkin
  5. Agricola All Creatures Great and Small
  6. Jumanji
  7. Gubs

Popular games needed for community programs:

  1. Splendor
  2. Catan
  3. Ticket to Ride

Please don't donate these games:

  1. Trivia Pursuit from the 1980s
  2. Games played on the floor