The act of playing games is beneficial to kids in raising their IQ scores and making learning enjoyable. New core standards have decreased the amount of time dedicated for student play. With invaluable guidance from experienced educators, we are working to create opportunities to bring games back into students' lives. We are developing several game-specific lesson plans teachers can use in their classrooms, we are partnering with UNO College of Education students and faculty to help train future educators on incorporating play in the classroom, and we have several board game day-camps for students throughout the year. Last year we cosponsored with Film Streams the documentary film "World Peace and Other Fourth Grade Achievements" and held several family game nights as part of the KANEKO's interactive PLAY exhibit.

Did you know that playing board games is more associated with preventing dementia than diet, exercise, or reading? Until a few years ago, neither did we! As the importance of elder care grows, we are determined to help get more seniors together around games. We are developing Seniors Play game kits that contain games specifically modified to make playing games more feasible and enjoyable for seniors with a variety of possible health states. We are partnering with Community 360 and UNMC to bring these games directly to seniors nearby. Also, memberships to the game library are discounted for teachers and seniors (age 55+).

Spielmasons are a collective of board gaming enthusiasts that play and test games developed by Omaha-area designers. Spielmasons meetings and sessions are open to the public with the only requirement being an interest in testing unpublished games. Spielmasons’ strive to provide honest and meaningful feedback to designers in order to facilitate the shortest path to improvement. In addition to weekly meetings and sessions, Spielmasons host design challenges and design jams as well as being a resource to Spielbound in the areas of design and education.

Spielbound began here, with lots of friendly people wanting to share their love and excitement of playing games with others. Our volunteers teach a game free to the public over 365 times a year! This is usually done at our game library, but we also teach games at local libraries, schools, museums, churches, and other community centers where there is interest.