Game Night!


Free Game Night for the nonprofit

Come and join us for a game night dedicated to the nonprofit side of Spielbound! We work all over the Omaha area to promote and fulfill our mission: striving to educate, engage, and create community through board games. We have 4 branches that all depend upon our large, donated library and our volunteers:

  • – works to develop young minds by challenging them! Programs include: day camps, game-specific lesson plans, and UNO educator trainings.
  • – devoted to the senior community in many areas that include developing senior game-playing groups, researching the health benefits of gaming, and creating accessories that make games more accessible to all.
  • – a collective of board gaming enthusiasts that meet weekly to play and test games developed locally.
  • – our primary community outreach: game events all over Omaha, daily demos in our library, and endless opportunities to engage with people and organizations.

Day passes are free for the duration of the event, and we invite you to consider donating the cost of your day pass or more to Spielbound. You can either do so in person or utilize one of the donations buttons on our .

Contact our Volunteer Coordinator to get involved, or contact our Programming and Communications Director to learn about anything else!


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