What games will you have?

I get this question a LOT. And it's really hard to answer when you have over 1000 games in the library. First, 815 of our games are listed and searchable online alreadyhere. But that's rarely a satisfactory answer.

Our webmaster, Adam, highlighting some of our games

Our webmaster, Adam, highlighting some of our games

We have games of ALL genres, though most of our games are what are often called "designer games" which are straight-forward to play and have enough strategy to keep everyone's attention span. These are traditionally not sold in department or toy stores. Most do actually have a board to play on, but many are also card games or dexterity games. We use "board game" to denote any physical game that you usually play around a table with other people. We thought about using tabletop games, but thought it may be overly complicated. Don't worry, we will definitely have at least one of all of the classics (Monopoly, Risk, Hungry Hungry Hippos, etc.)

The vast majority of our games were created in the last 10 years. Why? Well, when I started collecting games 7 years ago, I primarily bought them from stores that sold them as they came out. My reasoning was that a lot of these games would be out of print quickly (which was true) and the very popular games may be hard to get until later printings (also true). I also didn't want to be buying old games as the prices and quality varied greatly. So, the good news is that our library will be up to date! In addition, most major game publishers will be donating games to the library after we open so that our library will continue to stay up to date. We do accept games from all time periods and are proud of some of our rarer donations.