Spielmasons Meeple Jam!

Spielmasons Meeple Jam!

This Saturday marks the inaugural Spielmasons Meeple Jam!

Where: Omaha Code School at 1258 S 13th St, Omaha

When: This Saturday, August 15th at 10 AM until around 8PM

What To Bring: Anything that you feel will assist in game design as well as some snacks/drinks

Details: A theme and mechanics for a design will be randomly generated on Saturday morning. Designers have until 5PM to create a game based on the theme and mechanics. Designers may work in groups or individually. At 5PM game testers will arrive to test the games and share in the snacking.

Who To Invite: A few people you know who can arrive at 5PM and be part of testing the games designed during this awesome event.

Please contact myself or Marcus Ross with any questions.