Spielmasons Big Payback results!

Components for Floyd's 'The Big Payback'.

'The Big Payback' design challenge results!

Congratulations to Floyd Pretz and his design for winning Spielmason’s ‘The Big Payback’ design challenge! Floyd’s ‘Sidekicks Big Payback’ design and theme achieved the highest scoring in post-test assessments among a field of challenge entries.

From Floyd: Sidekicks Big Payback is a set-collection, hand-management, take-that, strategy card game that is all about one-upping each other. You are the sidekick flunky of a famous adventurer. She gets all the glory and the gold, and you don't get squat. Who washes goblin blood out of her clothes? You! Who is constantly refilling her mana vials? You! Who has to wash troll poop out her hair? You! You and your fellow squires all finally decide that enough is enough. Tonight you will get your … Big Payback.

The stylish, wooden 'The Big Payback' box.

Design requirements for ‘The Big Payback’ challenge were minor: the game must be titled ‘The Big Payback’, it must have a theme that fits the title, and the game and all of its components must fit in ‘The Big Payback’ wooden box.

Spielmason’s scoring methodology for ‘The Big Payback’ challenge entries included 10 metrics that encompass the depth of design, playability, and re-playability of each design. To accurately capture the gaming experience, each tester filled out a 10-question assessment immediately after testing a design. The design with the highest post-test assessment scoring was selected as the winner.

Floyd’s design was most differentiated from other entries in the areas of balance and next-step readiness: the values, resources, scoring elements, and other game elements of ‘Sidekicks Big Payback’ are well balanced, and the game is ready to be played again without significant modification

Congratulations to Floyd who not only wins the admiration and respect of the Spielmasons, but also this awesome ‘The Big Payback’ box for his game! Stay tuned for future design challenges from the Spielmasons.

Our big winner, Floyd Pretz!

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